Legal translation

Legal translation of documents falls into the category of the most demanding and at the same time, one of the most difficult translations. This is because jurisprudence contains a large number of law sections and branches, such as land, financial, civil procedure, tax, administrative, family, constitutional, etc. Each of them requires perfect knowledge of special terminology and features specific to certain state. That is why the translator’s qualification, professionalism and knowledge play a tremendous and a crucial role, since translations of legal texts, even minor inaccuracies are inadmissible because they can lead to a rather disastrous outcome, such as lawsuit. Moreover, the translator should be especially attentive with payment details, names, figure data, references to law articles, seals and stamps because mistakes and errors are unacceptable in legal documents.

Translation of legal documents

In the era of international relations development, the demand for translating legal documents is growing rapidly. This is true for both individuals (visa processing when traveling abroad, marriage to a foreigner, nostrification, entering educational establishment, obtaining citizenship, conclusion of agreements and contracts in various personal spheres) and for organizations or companies involved in the international market. Translation into English is especially popular because this language widely used in communication and has been admitted as an international language.

Our company specialists have experience in performing translations of the following legal documentation types:
Юридические документы

  • bank certificates;
  • contracts, agreements, powers of attorney;
  • statutory and constituent documents;;
  • legal articles, licenses;
  • customs documents, statements of claim;
  • protocols and documents of court sessions;
  • legislative, regulatory and legal acts;
  • extracts from municipal and state registers;
  • various legal literature;
  • passports, diplomas, certificates, and much more.

Specifics of legal translations

The complexity of this translation consists of the necessity to follow the typical features of the legal vocabulary, rich in specific terms, expressions and formulations. That is why professionals should perform the translation of legal documents. SPRING Legal Translation Agency pays close attention to the qualifications of specialists in the field of jurisprudence. During the translation it is important to consider basic criteria, without these the resulting text will be incorrect. They include:

  • specifics of language typical for this kind of documents, namely, the abundance of complex grammatical structures, terminology, which depends on the country and, accordingly, its legislation (terms may differ from those in Ukraine);
  • Perfect accuracy in translation of expressions;
  • Strict compliance with the document style.

SPRING Translation Agency takes into account all the complexities and nuances, and therefore, the translation of legal documentation here are performed by a team of translators that have rich experience in the field of jurisprudence. After the translation, editors subject the text to thorough quality control, and then it is provided to a customer within the specified period.

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