Translation of technical text for different types of industrial enterprises is an integral part of our company work. For many years, our company has been collaborating with manufacturers of different mechanisms, devices, complex structures, and equipment of different kind. During this time, we have obtained the rich experience in translation of technical literature, documentation and various technical descriptions.

Translation of technical texts

Since 2011, we have translated over 400,000 pages in the technical field, including data sheets, various guidebooks, and technical instructions of use for mechanism or part. Moreover, we closely collaborate with patent organizations, providing translational support to them. Almost half the texts’ translated by us are technical documents. SPRING Technical Translation Agency actively collaborates with international manufacturers of different goods intended for export to neighboring countries, all of which would be impossible without qualified translation of all documentation. Moreover, our company often deals with Know How in different fields, which considerably complicates the task because there may be no analogue in the target language. Translation accuracy affects reliability of the operated device and thus the company rating.

Specifics of technical translation

The whole process of scientific and technical text translation in our company is unified. Prior to the start of the translation, an editor views all documents and assesses the text complexity, its topic and selects the translators that need to be involved in this project. Next, the text is sent to the translation distribution department where project managers distribute the text amongst the translators, solely according to the editor’s requirements. Translation of technical documentation is performed with the involvement of technical translators many of which, in addition to a philological diploma, have a technical one as well, which allows them to have a high level of understand with this or that topic.

After receiving the prepared translated segments, the project manager unites them into the final text and sends it to the technical editor for quality check and for terminology consistency control.

Methods of technical translation check

This painstaking work is performed by several methods one of which is connected with the use of automated applications. Such a method may be used if translators used Trados, an automated translation system. In this case checking takes much less time and there is an increase in quality of work done. The second method is physically proofreading, editing of the entire text and manual checking. Such work requires much more time and has a lower efficiency rate.

Do you work with hand-written documents, drawings or manuals?

технические документыMajority of our customers turn over already completed documents requiring translation from English, German, or Russian. However, at times technical documents, guidebooks or drawings have a form absolutely inappropriate for translation, and only a specialist may then understand the information presented in them. We convert such documents into an electronic form by using special programs and then submit each separate part for translation. When translators complete their part of the document, the text is mapped to the drawings with strict conformity to the original document.

We perform technical translation of the following documents:

  • technical guidelines and descriptions, equipment specifications and documentation;
  • design documentation, equipment and materials catalogues, normative documentation;
  • installation guidelines, technical passports and certificates;
  • user manuals for equipment operation, drawings;
  • technical presentations, scientific and technical texts, patents;

Do you translate international standards?

Every month our company is successfully involved in translation projects of international standards in different fields. They include international standards of economy, engineering, science, education, and construction. During this period of work with translations of international standard, we have managed to obtain considerable experience and adequate collection of specialists in this field, in turn providing high-level translations. Beside this, using the experience obtained in this sphere, we often help our partners to translate international standards, as well as consult on the rules of translation of texts and documents. Such documents have a strict list of rules and requirements for translation and if translations are not in compliance with these rules, probability of project failure nears a 100%.

If you want to order written translation of technical documents, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of qualified translators will perform high quality professional translation of any complexity at a reasonable price. The quality of our services is proven by our customers’ positive feedback. Therefore, you may be sure that after ordering you will receive the translation within adequate time. Rely on real professionals.

Our consulting specialists are always willing to help you. We value our customers’ opinion.

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