news-in-uslugiLocalization is more than just a translation; it is an adaptation of your website, software, games, and mobile applications in accordance with the cultural features of the country of the target language.

We understand how important it is to have correct, accurate and at the same time, adapt translation for proper understanding of the localized material by native speakers for whom your product is intended. It is extremely important to convey the necessary information to your foreign partners correctly for the sake of your company’s’ dynamic development and entering the international arena.

For translation of such documents, we specifically select the specialists with knowledge in the required topic, able to convey the necessary information to native speakers, at the same time, saving the style and the specifics of the initial text verbiage.

Often people simply pay no attention to the text localization for local dialects, being governed by the principle ‘it’s understandable the way it is’, even though it is a gross mistake. It would be enough to recall the way we treat the advertising signs on the foreign stores written in Russian but containing semantic contradictions. We perceive such incidents with a smile. And such places cause mistrust. The same happens both in the Internet space and in business life: people tend to choose a product or a service on a principle, which is closer and more understandable to them. Therefore, if the company should enter the international markets, the company website text, or description of the leading company product should be necessarily localized.

Text Localization goes unseen, at the first glance of the work, although without it a company may not achieve the desired results.

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