Medical translation is one of the most labor-intensive processes requiring the translator to have vast knowledge in the medical field. SPRING Medical Translation Agency specializes in professional medical translation. We have closely collaborated with drug manufacturers, medical institutions, and research organizations for many years.

In which cases medical translation is required

As a rule, we deal with translations of medical texts, inserts, recipes, medical records and researches in the field of medicine and biology. Moreover, we have achieved serious results in the field of translating technical guidebooks for medical equipment. This includes dental equipment, equipment for rooms with high hygiene requirements – ‘clean rooms’, equipment for operating rooms, and much more. We entrust the translations in this topic only to translators of medical or biological subspecialty.

Specifics of medical translations

From year to year, thousands of new names and abbreviations are added to the medical terminology. In the medical field, vocabulary is rapidly expanding in specialized areas such as radiology or immunology. An increase in new drugs, medical devices and new modern equipment models are presented almost every day.

That is why human life and health may sometimes depend on translation of medical documents. Subspecialty medical experts check translations in this field, this assures translation accuracy, which causes no doubts concerning the quality and accuracy of the translation. Moreover, it brings moral satisfaction to the work performed, which also contributes to maintaining the required quality and employees’ attitude to their job.

Translation of medical documentation

Documents of private persons

Certificates, results of laboratory analyses, certificates with examination results, medical records, extracts, conclusions.

Documents of pharmaceutical companies

We perform translations of medical trial protocols and reports, licenses for drug manufacture, drug certificates, guidelines, annotations, drug characteristics, results of expert analyses for clinical documentation and many other documents.

Medical equipment

Manuals and guidelines for medical devices and equipment.

Medical literature

Scientific medical publications, reports, author’s medical works, and articles.

By analyzing the general volume of literature translated by us, we can see that the translation of documents of medical field takes up about 25% of our work. However, taking into account the most important components associated with human life or health, much more time and effort is put into this. Unfortunately, many Ukrainian translation agencies do not consider this factor, which sometimes enables them to offer lower costs to customers but still it gives no moral right to translate such documents without involving specialists in the medical field. Certainly, a qualified translator would be able to translate such documents without having to be a medical specialist, but what form of accuracy is guaranteed? It remains an open question…

Due to the high quality of the provided services, many years of experience with translations in the medical field and low cost of translations, the majority of our satisfied customers have been collaborating with us for many years already. The professionalism of our specialists’ is a guarantee of translation accuracy, request completion within a specified period of time and the unsurpassed quality of orders fulfillment.

SPRING Translation Agency offers its customers written medical translations at a moderate price. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our managers in any convenient way: by phone, numbers provided in the “Contacts section” or by filling in the feedback form.

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