Literary translation is an important form in the translation field; it involves the translation of fiction literature from foreign languages. The most important thing to be conveyed by the translator is not the literal text but representing the author’s style, the richness of his esthetics embedded in the text, a character, atmosphere and mood. Translation of fictional texts does not require literal translation whereas scientific or legal document do require literal translation.

Mastering such translation is very difficult, as it may be considered as one of the most complicated methods of translation. In order to perform it correctly and to provide high quality work, one needs to be talented and to have a desire for continuous improvement. In translation work there are numerous different directions to take, each of them having their own particular qualities. Literary translation is about conserving specific material and the writer’s natural language. Literary translation includes translation of books, prose, scripts, movie subtitles, biographies, and others.

Peculiarities of translation of literary texts

Literary texts require expressiveness, accentuation of characters’ images, exceptional quick-wittedness, active fantasy, and professionalism, which is the most important.

The facilities of emphasis of such texts can be called:

  • neologisms;
  • metaphors;
  • professionalisms;
  • comparing clauses;
  • various repeats (phonetic, lexical and others);
  • toponyms and many other means.

It is extremely difficult to reproduce all the aforementioned aspects in another language without losing the fictional meaning; so literary translators get a wonderful possibility to share their professionalism and quick-wittedness.

What qualities should translator have?

The first quality required is a rich vocabulary followed by good knowledge of idioms and proverbs of the language from which they translate. Moreover, the translator should also know how to use special dictionaries and reference books, which may be helpful during the work process. Due to the broad spectrum of cultural knowledge, translation of literary texts will be performed in accordance with all requirements and professional rules.

Nowadays majority of books that have won over customers’ hearts are works of international writers, not only national. Although even the most ingenious work may not be seen by certain readers due to the fact that it was translated by a person that is not really versed in the art of literary translation.

By entrusting the work to a professional translation agency, one can greatly benefit from this. Nowadays gifted literary translators are in great demand because literary translations are not just limited to fiction. Nowadays many magazines, news websites, and newspapers need experts able to perform high quality translations.

The genre’s of literary translation refer to the following types of work:

  • children’s literature;
  • lyrics, books;
  • prose, poetry, poems, manuscripts;
  • memoirs and works of authorship;
  • movie subtitles, scripts;
  • journal articles, dissertations;
  • advertising brochures.

In the current day, translation of literary works is popular in cinemas, theaters, social and political journalism, etc.

How do you obtain high quality translation?

In order to obtain high quality translation of the required work in beautiful literary language without misprints and errors, you should address a translation agency with an employ of professional translators that have work history. You can choose a translator that will provide literary translations in a way that you like, familiarizing yourself with his style and skill. Our staff includes translators specialized in every possible forms of literary text translation. Although, an ordinary person works with a text, so the human factor should be taken into account. That is why all work received from the agency should be checked by the customer.

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