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Notarized translation is translation of various types of documents performed by a qualified translator and further certified by a notary. In SPRING Agency, translators with the specialized education and great work experience perform such work. Notarized translation is performed by our linguists on a high professional level in accordance with current legislation, regulations, and normative acts of the country for which the business papers are prepared.

When is a Notarized translation required

Embassies and consulates of states situated on the territory of Ukraine, foreign companies and organizations always require Notarized translations. This is the reason why translation of diplomas, passports, contracts, agreements and other legal papers should be compulsorily Notarized if they are submitted to various state institutions.

Notary certification of Translation – is a mandatory and important stage of documents preparation. The fact is that translators working on the territory of Ukraine have no right to certify the translation with their own signatures. They cannot confirm the fact that its content fully complies with the original document text. It is a notary who assesses the translator’s qualification level and certifies their signature authenticity.

List of documents that requiring notarization:

  • passports, statements, academic diplomas, constituent documents;
  • employment record cards, articles of association, certificates;
  • powers of attorney, certificates, contracts, etc.

Types and peculiarities of the certified translation

There are two legitimate types of the noarized translation in Ukraine:

  1. Translation of documents with a notary certification to be attached to the original document or to their copies. In this case, the notary certifies authenticity of the translator’s signature.
  2. Notarization of copies of the document and the translation attached to them. In this case, the notary certifies authenticity of the translator’s signature, and compliance of photocopies to the original documents.

Each of these cases is used depending on the type of documents and the current situation.

How to order the translation with notarization

In order to use the services provided by our Agency specialists, you should provide the originals documents or their copies. Then, the following actions are performed:

  1. Performance of the text translation by a linguist specialized in this topic.
  2. Translation text is attached to original documents or copies of your business papers.
  3. The translator signs the last page in the notary’s presence that certifies their signature authenticity at the same moment.
  4. 8. You receive the already certified document.

Advantages of cooperation with SPRING Agency

If you want to receive the document executed in accordance with the requirements of the country of origin, which will be legal in another country as well, please contact SPRING Translation Agency for notarization. This will save you from unpleasant surprises and problems at the border crossing, or at placement of business conduct abroad.

We provide services on preparation of documents for obtaining citizenship, study or job placement abroad, visa processing and other legal actions on the territory of the other states. Our qualified translators will always help you to prepare commercial and business papers, independently on the scope of activities of your enterprise or organization. Cost of services depends on translation language and work complexity.

In your cooperation with SPRING Agency, you receive the following guarantees

  • translation grammatical correctness and accuracy;
  • compliance with the international standards;
  • operative certification;
  • high order performance speed;
  • reasonable prices for services.

Please note that the Agency linguists perform the urgent certified translation in the shortest possible time without extra charge and quality loss. Our employees will manage to perform specialized texts of various directions and complexity levels.

Call us, order callback or email us for clarification of cooperation details and consultations.

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