Service prices

In this section, we would like to provide you brief information about the approximate prices for the most popular language pairs, and to familiarize with translation types and their characteristics. Moreover, we recommend you read the possible requirements of the translation to give us the possibility to take into account all your preferences to satisfy them to the maximum extent and to calculate properly the time spent on all types of work required for your order execution.


from 60 UAH


from 80 UAH


from 80 UAH


from 150 UAH

Translation types

Basic translation

This type of translation is suitable for translation of personal papers, standard documents, business letters, CVs, standard agreements, guidelines, invoices, general text which are limited to fact-finding and do not require the use of highly specialized terminology.

Specialized translation

This type of translation is suitable for translations of the specialized legal, economical, technical, literary texts, is performed by translators specialized in this or that topic, is additionally checked by the editor and the proofreader.

Translation by a native speaker

The text translation or proofreading by a native speaker is required for translation of texts intended for public offering and use by native speakers of the target language. Such texts include advertisement copies and brochures, website verbiage.

Urgent translation

We perform urgent translations without the additional extra charges. Our reliable and large team of professional translators, experience of our managers and editors allow our agency to perform orders within a short period of time with no loss in quality and without the additional of extra charges.

Order requirements

ParameterStandardIndividual conditions
UrgencyThe average speed of translation per one translator is 5-10 translation pages/day, with the additional time required for editor’s check equaling approximately 5 pages/hour. On the basis of these parameters, we calculate the time required for the translation of your documents.Be sure to discuss desired terms to be observed for the translation with our manager. We will do our best to deliver your order on time. If the time for the translation is limited we can involve more translators and editors to the project.
PriceThe price is calculated for 1,800 symbols with spaces of the target text, according to our price list.If necessary, you may fix an individual tariff and the count type (by words, without spaces, by the initial text, etc.) with our manager.
TerminologyIn our translation we use terminology in accordance with the opensource general and specific subject dictionaries. When translating geographical names and company names, we use the generally accepted translation, if available. In case if the translation standard is unavailable, we transliterate the name or leave it in the original language. We transliterate proper names in accordance with the target language transliteration rules.If you have any special requests concerning the translation of any terms, geographical names, company names, proper names, which are found in the text, please provide us with a glossary and specify your requirements prior to the translation start.
FormattingThe document translation price calculation according to the standard tariff does not provide for the full preservation of graphical elements available in the initial document. We try to preserve the document formatting as much as practical using the features of Microsoft Office Word without the additional page makeup service.In order to save the initial document formatting fully and precisely, the use of the specialized graphic applications is required. This work is performed by our special desktop publishing specialists. This service cost is formed individually depending on the document complexity. Please, always inform us about the necessity of document page makeup at the order acceptance.


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